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Computer Requirements
Make sure your computer meets the following requirements.
CPU Pentium 3 600MH
VGA 3D Acceleration
CPU Pentium 4 1.8MH
VGA 3D Acceleration
Open the downloaded file and do your installation.
Game Start

To start the game and log in to the desktop
Double click on "Latinko Knight Online".
1. Game Graphics Quality and Screen Mode Setting
You can raise and lower Character, Object and Land quality. quality When you drop the charts, you can zoom in. Can raise and lower Character, Object and Land quality. Graphics can be squared when you reduce quality.

2. Game Version
Setting the game version. The launcher does this task automatically.

3. Shadow Usage: Shadows are visible in the case of marking.
Display Mode: Used as window mode and full screen mode.
Weapon Effect: Weapon effect is checked by controlling.

4.Visibility Adjustment
You can see the distance up to the maximum value.

5. Screen Resolution And Color
You can adjust the resolution and color in the game.

6. Sound Adjustment
You can adjust the sound effects in the game.

7. Effect Setting Number
You can adjust many effects here.

8. OK: You can leave here after you register.
Cancel: You can perform the cancellation.
Save setting and then Run: Save settings and return to Launcher.

9. Setting marker
You can use the desktop marker.

10. The language setting
You can choose your own language.