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Power Up Store


What is Power Up Store?

You can enjoy richer gameplay experiences or get benefits from items or services that Power Up Store provides. All the items Power Up Store provides can be purchased with NPoints.

  • How to Recharge NPoints

    Click the button on the left to recharge your NPoints.

How to Use Power Up Store
  • Power Up Store Button

  • Login to Knight Online, and Click the Power Up Store button on the bottom left of the screen.

  • Be aware that you can be attacked by monsters or enemies while you are using the Power Up Store.

  • Warning Message

Power Up Store Screen
Power Up Store Screen
  1. It shows Information on NPoints and Bonus Points.
  2. You can Recharge NPoints by clicking here.
  3. Selected Item that you can buy, Send to Shopping Cart or Send as a Gift.
  4. Items list you have viewed on the day.
  5. You can check out Suggested Items and your Shopping Cart.
  6. It shows recent events..

My Shop Screen
My Shop Screen
  1. This tab shows the list of My History of Purchase.
  2. This tab shows the list of Gift History.